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Weekend Event: Open Studios, Friday, 11/13 @ 6pm

Second Friday is almost here! Come out to see all of us artists in our own environments. There will be some holiday events going on as ...


Weekend Event: Open Studios, Friday, 6-9pm

This coming Friday is Open Studios at Brazee Street Studios! I'll be in my studio hanging out. As usual, I will have wine and snacks ...

Roebling Bridge

Gallery: Palm Trees and the Roebling Bridge

2 more options to choose from while painting at Dogwood Art Studio! [caption id="attachment_816" align="alignnone" width="510"] ...


Gallery: New Paintings!

The gallery is growing! Stay tuned for more paintings to choose from when you come and paint with us at Dogwood Art Studio! [caption id="attachment_796" align="alignnone" width="510"] Autumn Birch Trees[/caption] [caption id="attachment_795" align="alignnone" width="510"] ...


Contest Winners Announced!

Thank you to everyone who sent me their ideas for the Gallery Contest! After much consideration on the ideas that were sent to me, here are the results! First Place: Susu Cecile J. Freedmond-Brown - Coral Reef & Fish Second Place: Stephanie Sabelhaus - Hibiscus Third Place: Nick Rarick - ...

Photo Jun 03, 11 03 51 AM

Fairfield Educational Building – Painting Day Camp 6/3 & 6/4

I was asked to come lead 2 days of painting with the kids of Fairfield Educational Building! We had such a great time, and the kids were great to paint with. Perfect age for it too - not once did I hear, "I can't do this" or "mine doesn't look like his". They painted with pure joy and everyone's ...


CONTEST: Submit Your Ideas for Dogwood Art Studio’s Gallery!

For the past 2 years, since opening Dogwood Art Studio, I've been working as a graphic designer for my full time job. Life has been busy! Recently, I've made the decision to finally work my business and run my studio full time. That being said, I'm excited to finally put all my focus on Dogwood Art ...